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Application Fee: $10
Price: $650
Patron Price: $600

EXTENDED Deadline: Apply through December 10th

**Please read: this form is for applications to the One Story Writing Circle. Please do not submit stories for consideration using this form. Any magazine submissions sent using this form will be declined without being reviewed.**

The One Story Writing Circle is a year-long education program and accountability group, hosted and moderated by One Story.

When you join the One Story Writing Circle, you join a small cohort of fiction writers looking to devote a year to improving their craft and process. Circle members will receive access to select classes for the 2024 calendar year (to get an idea of the courses we offer, visit our classes page). In addition, they will attend monthly asynchronous online meetings designed to help them set goals and create and maintain their writing practice, surrounded by a supportive community of writers from across the country and the world. As with One Story’s other online course offerings, the Writing Circle is geared toward fiction writers.

To apply, please describe your current writing project and your writing goals for 2024 in the following form. Share how being a part of a community like the Writing Circle would help you further your goals. You will also be asked to describe any experience you’ve had with a writing community, and to upload a current CV. Please note that we are seeking applicants who are looking for a writing community and who can share their progress with the group once a month.

There is a $10 application fee, which will be deducted from tuition upon acceptance.

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